Peach Cobbler Holiday Ale

Over the course of the past 6 months this beer went from disappointing to a fairly fun holiday beer.   Originally it was conceived by my wife as part of a double batch of wheat beer.  Having never brewed a wheat beer we set out with a fairly simple base recipe to brew a double batch which we would then split and each handle differently in secondary.   My half was to become something along the lines of a Sam Adam’s Cherry Wheat (didn’t work out, it’s way over cherry and still in the carboy) and she set out to make a Lavender Peach Ale.   Neither half worked out as expected, I think in part because the base beer wasn’t strong enough to hold up against the aggressive fruit additions we chose.

This along with a recent stout recipe we brewed have proven to be valuable lessons in how blending additional flavors after fermentation can turn a mediocre beer that missed the mark into something truly special.   I’ve personally enjoyed this process a great deal recently since I want work further with creating blended sour beers and this gives me what I feel is a bit of practice exercising a similar skill. (more…)