Beeritos – How 4lbs of Doritos ended up in my mash.

So the inspiration for this beer came from the Experimental Brewing podcast and an interview they did with Bainbridge Brewing.  Locally there is a ‘StrangeBrews’ festival which local breweries try to one up each other with wacky beers.   Among the strange beers they’ve made for the festival included one called ‘Beeritos’ which was brewed with 30% cool ranch Doritos.   Essentially it’s a cream ale where all the corn comes from Doritos.

There was enough information in the podcast to easily formulate a clone recipe.   I counted the Doritoes as ‘flaked corn’ in beersmith and scaled up until they accounted for 30% of the mash.  The rest of the beer is apparently 100% 2-row according to the brewer, which fits the profile for a cream ale.   For an original gravity of a typical cream ale (1.048) that means you need about 4 party size bags (15.7 oz) of Cool Ranch Doritos.