Lupus Salictarius

I’ll be the first to admit when Rachel and I started homebrewing this was probably my least favorite style of beer by far.   Imperial IPAs with their high level of hopping for me often just a mass of bitterness that I really couldn’t get behind.   Rachel on the other hand loved hoppy beers so we certainly brewed our share.  In fact a Black Imperial IPA was the third batch of beer I brewed, the evidence of which is still visible on our basement ceiling where you can still see hop leaves and tiny bits of wort stuck the ceiling. The whole leaf hops I added during primary fermentation (oops) clogged the airlock and blew the bung along with a couple gallons of beer all over the room.   Enough beer was lost in the explosion to turn a 5 gallon batch into a 3 gallon batch.   Thankfully Rachel was out of town that week visiting her sister, we might have stopped brewing all together.