American Wheat Wine

Last fall I bought two 15 gallon fresh dumped whiskey barrels from a local distillery.   I brewed a huge Wee Heavy for the Rye Barrel and a re-brew of the first beer I ever homebrewed – an Imperial Stout.   After this I refilled one with cider and one with oatmeal stout.  After that sadly I was too busy to refill and both ended up in my garage with holding solution for almost a year.   Terrible.

This fall I finally had time to brew big batches to fill both of them back up.   I wanted to speed things up this time, so rather than having multiple brew days for a single batch, I decided to augment my mash with DME, allowing me to brew up 15 gallons of beer at a respectable 1.10+ OG.    At the Bell’s Homebrew pick-up I won a door prize, an hefeweizen extract kit.   I’m not much for hefeweizen.  But, it had a ton of wheat DME in it, so it seemed like the perfect excuse to brew up a big old American Wheat Wine.